Cappuccini Italiani is a coffee-bar concept born in Naples, a city situated in the South of Italy with the aim of expanding all around the world.

We serve different kind of products with a special focus on Cappuccino:

this popular drink is known, loved and tasted at any time of the day in Cafés and terraces all over the world while in Italy is majorly taken for breakfast accompanied by a sweet pastry.

We love our roots and our traditions but we are happy and opened to revolutionize them for you.

Neapolitan taste in Dubai

In our work we try to use only the most modern, convenient and interesting solutions.

Inside Cappuccini Italiani

  • Our philosophy

    We believe the best Cafè experience begins with the coffee itself, that’s why we choose one of the best Italian coffee roaster as partner. But we know that an extraordinary coffee alone doesn’t make a great Cafè.
    We believe in the idea of a Cafè as a social institution, with a warm environment enchanted by trained baristas preparing your favourite drink with professionalism and passion.

  • Our spaces

    Our open and modern spaces with subtle colours of a frothy cappuccino are the ideal scenery to any part of your day where we hope you will feel comfortable at all times.

Format & Concept

The Format and Concept of our brand aim to convey abroad the values of the “Italian coffee-bar” and let them meet with local and international customs so to appeal to all tastes, ages, ethnic or religious background.

The respect and culture for the hosting countries is extremely important to us, that’ s why you will always find a selection of typical local delights. Our vision is to be the best Italian coffee-bar brand serving the best variety of cappuccino in true Italian style.

Our Mission is giving you an exceptional Café experience by taking you on a sensational trip to Italy offering unique, one-of-a-kind indulgences typical from our country, especially from our region Campania.


Trolley Bar/ Vending Machine

As the concept of transitory vending has caught on, we have implemented two further instruments to increase the sales network of the brand Cappuccini Italiani: mobile cafes and vending machines.
Mobile cafes are ushering in an exciting consumer revolution, providing high-end goods for the purpose of fast-paced enjoyment. Despite the minor construction requirements, we have paid a special attention to its design, both from a structural and aesthetic point of view.

Our vending machines sell a wide range of products varying from candies, cookies, chips, coffee and other hot drinks etc. Mobile cafes and vending machines have been installed according to the most advanced technologies and refined with high quality materials. Furthermore, they boast of valuable features such as flexibility and mobility: they adapt easily to different necessities. Their layout and graphics, through a winning and efficient formula, are suitable for any environment and meet fully the modern communication precepts.



From espesso to croissant, from soft drink to salad. Discover our wide range of products and and choose the right for you.


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